Planning a shutdown of your chemical or petrochemical company to execute compulsory inspections, replacements or cleansing? Let IMAC prepare, coordinate, control and monitor your entire shutdown.

We execute the shutdown management for a complete or partial shutdown, for both the end customer and subcontractors. With a meticulous follow-up of each aspect of the shutdown. We make the necessary agreements with all the internal departments: production, engineering, maintenance, inspection, safety, quality ...   

Thanks to our exhaustive preparations and follow-up we guarantee a minimal downtime of your installations. Every aspect of the shutdown – finances, technical level, safety – is thoroughly prepared, directed, monitored and checked:

Determination of the scope

We discuss the project with all parties involved and draw up a complete project plan.

Preparation of the requirements

We divide the shutdown into several technical partial projects and we develop requirements for each smaller project separately. We hire the necessary contractors based on these specifications.

We set up the necessary budgets and calculate the costs. We analyze the entire shutdown on a financial level.

Formulation of project safety plans

All the different steps of the shutdown are itemized and we formulate potential safety hazards and control measures for each individual phase.  

We set up the necessary task risk analysis.    

Execution planning shutdown

We visualize the workload of all parties involved with detailed timing estimates.

We develop a tight timing, aiming a minimum downtime.  

Quality assurance before, during and after shutdown

We set up the necessary control systems for quality assurance of all the executed works.    

Communication between all internal and external parties involved

As coordinator, we lead the entire internal and external project team.